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B&B La Foresteria - La Cura


We are happy to share with you a small corner of peace, earth, trees, wind and flowers. We are happy to share with you a few steps along the path, that brings you into a garden, a garden of vegetables and fruit trees gently brushed by the freshness of the river. Along a small path in the woods, the chickens cluck and the geeses gaggle will take you away from the noises of the usual daily life. A vineyard not yet tinted by the ruby colours of bunches, will welcome you to a modest vineyard, that each year gifts us with a great wine. Then you only have to take a few steps to reach a breathtaking huge and ancient clay quarry ,with its ancient marine fossils dating back millions of years.

The B & B is an ancient farmhouse that for decades was the guest house of the terracotta manufacturer located near the fascinating white clay quarry that stretches - like a magical lake - right at the foot of the B & B. "The Foresteria" rests between the rivers "Uso" and "Marecchia". An area always dedicated to the cultivation of fruit trees and earth products. A characteristic and evocative naturalistic trail will allow you to enjoy a unique panorama from dawn to sunset.

La Foresteria
B&B with Wellness 

Our Passion:

This place has given us the opportunity to rediscover the peace, the beauty and the nature’s call, the extraordinary benefit that comes from it, and the desire to share it with those who will spend a few days with us. We are happy to spend our time in the wild together with animals (big and small) and to establish with them an immediate contact with the earth. A wise reality that seems lost to the modern man.

Simplicity and genuineness

“We grow our small vegetable garden not only in the hope that we can get some fruit tomorrow, but, above all, for the pleasure that such care bring us today”

The Context

"Perched" on a hillside with breath-taking views of the Romagna hinterland. Immersed in a natural park between the Val Marecchia and the Uso river and a few steps from the fascinating Santarcangelo di Romagna, the characteristic medieval hamlets of the Romagna hinterland and a few kilometres from the Adriatic coast.

Suitable for Families and Couples

The structure, which is part of the project "Fattorie Didattica" (Didactic Farm) of the Emilia Romagna region, is suitable both for families with children and couples who want to relax in nature just a few steps away from the characteristic Santarcangelo di Romagna and all the fascinating Romagna hinterland

The managers

We like to wake up early in the morning, keep breathless in the sunrise and listen the start of the day with all its voices. We love life and everything in it, from big things to smaller ones, and we feel honoured to be welcomed by the Nature that surrounds us. We do not watch television but listen to the radio, no less challenging but certainly more interesting. We like to read and listen to music. We are two walkers and whenever we can we love to ride a bike. We have four wonderful cats, so many birds on the trees that assure each morning a sweet awakening as soon as they start chirping.


Romagnolo DOC. Entrepreneur class 1963. He likes to spend weekend (whenever the back allows it !) working in agriculture and gardening. Favourite holiday: Sailing!


Tuscan, ex-employee, class 1970. Enthusiastic about not having to punch the clock again. Woe betide who touch her animals and her plants. Favourite hobby read (even a book a day), write and listen to music.

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La Foresteria

Address:Via Acerboli 125 Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini Phone : +39 3357693102 Email : michele.marconi63@gmail.com

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